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2012 Endowment Fund Projects Expected to Directly Benefit Students
Dr. Martin Scanlon - University of Manitoba

University News for March 14, 2012

The acting associate dean research with the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences says projects funded through the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Endowment Fund directly benefit students.

Approximately $101,000 will be allocated through the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences 2012 Endowment Fund Competition to support projects proposed by academic and support staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Acting associate dean research Dr. Martin Scanlon says the endowment fund committee looks for projects that will enhance the learning experience of the student.

Clip-Dr. Martin Scanlon-University of Manitoba:
Essentially what we look at is the merits on how will it best benefit students and that could be research and service but quite often the focus is on how can the equipment or the submissions that are made say for a conference, how can these best help the students in terms of their learning either in the classroom or as part of experiential learning.

Some examples might be equipment that might be bought to support labs, say, as a new technology comes in we think that it's important that that component gets taught in a particular lab in one of the departments.

I know that there are field trips that are either fully or partially supported by funds from the endowment committee.

Library acquisitions as well.

If there's a particular need for a fairly expensive set of reference books that might not have gone through the normal channels of funding, then the librarian may come to the endowment fund and say I think that this is important for students in the Faculty to have it as a reference in the agriculture library.

The deadline for submitting funding proposals is Monday, March 19th at 12:00 noon.

Dr. Scanlon says the members of the endowment fund committee will meet soon after that to look over the submissions and he expects those who will receive funding to be notified in early April.

For UniversityNews.Org, I'm Bruce Cochrane.

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